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The Flying Diaries : BOM - DXB - BOM ( Emirates Business ) Encore

The Month of February in 2015 was my First Foreign Trip of the year. I was to visit Dubai for the "Gulf Foods" Exhibition, a work related trip.

The Flight to Dubai is just a 3 hour ride and as always I flew with Emirates, my favourite carrier.

Documented below is the Business Class Experience. The Outbound Flight was on 10th February & the Return on 14th February.

Mumbai - Dubai ( 10th February 2015 ) :

Emirates Chauffeur Service to Mumbai International Airport :

A brisk check in and Security and it was time to relax in the newly launched Lounge.

The Newly opened First & Business Class Lounge :

Shots from the Lounge :

Soon enough it was time to board the Flight to Dubai. It wasn't a new flight and still ran the old 777-300ER Configuration.

Business Class onboard the Boeing 777-300ER :

Taxiing to the runway :

Airborne & enroute to Dubai :

The Menu for the day :

The Food never fails to impress onboard Emirates and the Brunch Service was exceptional.

Brunch Service :

Nearing touchdown at Dubai :

Dubai International Airport :

A Short Drive to the Hotel and it was time for the Business Trip / Holiday to start.

Dubai - Mumbai ( 14th February 2015 ) :

The Return Pickup was from Hotel Atlantis at the Palm Jumeirah.

Emirates Chauffeur Service to Dubai International Airport :

Enroute to Dubai International Airport, always a beautiful drive :

Necessary Formalities complete, it was time to board the Aircraft and head home!

Business Class on the Return Flight :

So, whats cooking ?

Nearing Takeoff :

Up in the air and on my way home :

Lunch Service :

On Time Performance, Brilliant Service, Exceptional Hospitality characterize Emirates!

This was a short "Flying Diaries" post. Trips to Vienna & Brussels coming online soon! So watch this space

The Flying Diaries : BOM - DXB - BOM ( Emirates Business )

Dubai was the last destination I travelled to on Emirates Airlines in 2013.

I got the opportunity to attend the 2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and this time I had a co-traveller. My Mother got the first taste of Emirates' Hospitality and believe me, she was thoroughly impressed!

Mumbai - Dubai ( 30th October 2013 ) :

Shots from the Lounge :

Mum is all smiles :

The Flight to Dubai was a Brand New Boeing 777 - 300 ER and the seats were comfortable as always :

The Touchscreen Controller shaped as a Tablet adding to the Premium Feel :

Mum settled in her seat :

Breakfast time!

Time to rest :

In less than 3 hours, we had reached Dubai :

Fast Track Services meant minimal time at the Immigration and soon enough we were on our way to our hotel :

Dubai - Mumbai ( 8th November 2013 ) :

Enroute to the Dubai International Airport in a Volvo :

The Burj Khalifa towering above the Dubai Skyline :

Shots from the Lounge :

Mum relaxing after a good meal :

Boarding commenced from the Lounge and this time we were flying in the Airbus A330 - 200.

Taxiing to the runway :

The Beverage service on Emirates is always amazing :

Enroute to Mumbai in the Setting Sun :

Dinner :

This was the shortest journey during my association with Emirates. My mother was all praise for Emirates. The Hospitality shown to her was special and as a Gold Member, I always felt welcomed.

This was the last trip in 2013 but 2014 saw me completed 2 trips to the Americas with a trip to Germany in between.

There is more to come in the "Flying Diaries" Series, so keep visiting. God Bless and Take Care!