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The Flying Diaries : BOM - DXB - BOM ( Emirates Business ) ( Nov 2018 )

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2018 Abu Dhabi GP was the last race of the season and I had the opportunity of attending the same. 2013 was the last time I flew to the UAE for F1. It also was my last journey of the Old Terminal of Mumbai International Airport.

The Outbound Journey was on 22nd November 2018 and the Return Journey on 27th November 2018.


Mumbai - Dubai ( Emirates Business ) ( 22nd November 2018 ) :

Packed and ready!

Emirates have revamped their Chauffeur services with the introduction of the BMW 520d Luxury Edition for ferrying its guests to the airport :

Shots of the Lounge :

The View of the Airport..mesmerizing :

The Business Class onboard Boeing 777-300ER, not the upgraded version this time :

The Menu onboard :

Preparing for Takeoff :

Takeoff Video Link :

Lunch, Paneer Makhani and Chocolate Mousse Cake :

The Descent into Dubai :

Touchdown Dubai International Airport :

Landing at Dubai ( Video Link ) :

Another BMW 520d Luxury Edition for pickup at Dubai Airport :

Dubai - Mumbai ( Emirates Business ) ( 27th November 2018 ) :

The Chauffeur Service to the airport :

The Business Class Lounge, Classy as ever :

A lipsmacking spread in the Lounge :

The New Business Class onboard the Boeing 777-200LR. This is a 2 class Boeing which has Business and Economy Class only.

Time for Pushback :

Taxiing to the Runway :

The Onboard Cameras :

Prepare for Takeoff :

Takeoff from Dubai ( Video Link ) :

Bye Bye Dubai, see you next time :

The Dinner Menu :

A spread of small bites in the Boeing 777-200LR

Dinner Service, Paneer Butter Masala, Chocolate and fig Mousse Cake :  

Landing at Mumbai in the evening :

Touchdown in Mumbai ( Video Link ) :

Another BMW to ferry me home :

It was a great experience flying with Emirates in 2018. A Big Thank you for their Hospitality! Looking forward to many more memories and Journeys in 2019!

The Flying Diaries : BOM - DXB - BOM ( Emirates Business ) Encore

The Month of February in 2015 was my First Foreign Trip of the year. I was to visit Dubai for the "Gulf Foods" Exhibition, a work related trip.

The Flight to Dubai is just a 3 hour ride and as always I flew with Emirates, my favourite carrier.

Documented below is the Business Class Experience. The Outbound Flight was on 10th February & the Return on 14th February.

Mumbai - Dubai ( 10th February 2015 ) :

Emirates Chauffeur Service to Mumbai International Airport :

A brisk check in and Security and it was time to relax in the newly launched Lounge.

The Newly opened First & Business Class Lounge :

Shots from the Lounge :

Soon enough it was time to board the Flight to Dubai. It wasn't a new flight and still ran the old 777-300ER Configuration.

Business Class onboard the Boeing 777-300ER :

Taxiing to the runway :

Airborne & enroute to Dubai :

The Menu for the day :

The Food never fails to impress onboard Emirates and the Brunch Service was exceptional.

Brunch Service :

Nearing touchdown at Dubai :

Dubai International Airport :

A Short Drive to the Hotel and it was time for the Business Trip / Holiday to start.

Dubai - Mumbai ( 14th February 2015 ) :

The Return Pickup was from Hotel Atlantis at the Palm Jumeirah.

Emirates Chauffeur Service to Dubai International Airport :

Enroute to Dubai International Airport, always a beautiful drive :

Necessary Formalities complete, it was time to board the Aircraft and head home!

Business Class on the Return Flight :

So, whats cooking ?

Nearing Takeoff :

Up in the air and on my way home :

Lunch Service :

On Time Performance, Brilliant Service, Exceptional Hospitality characterize Emirates!

This was a short "Flying Diaries" post. Trips to Vienna & Brussels coming online soon! So watch this space

The Flying Diaries : BOM - DXB - BOM ( Emirates Business )

Dubai was the last destination I travelled to on Emirates Airlines in 2013.

I got the opportunity to attend the 2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and this time I had a co-traveller. My Mother got the first taste of Emirates' Hospitality and believe me, she was thoroughly impressed!

Mumbai - Dubai ( 30th October 2013 ) :

Shots from the Lounge :

Mum is all smiles :

The Flight to Dubai was a Brand New Boeing 777 - 300 ER and the seats were comfortable as always :

The Touchscreen Controller shaped as a Tablet adding to the Premium Feel :

Mum settled in her seat :

Breakfast time!

Time to rest :

In less than 3 hours, we had reached Dubai :

Fast Track Services meant minimal time at the Immigration and soon enough we were on our way to our hotel :

Dubai - Mumbai ( 8th November 2013 ) :

Enroute to the Dubai International Airport in a Volvo :

The Burj Khalifa towering above the Dubai Skyline :

Shots from the Lounge :

Mum relaxing after a good meal :

Boarding commenced from the Lounge and this time we were flying in the Airbus A330 - 200.

Taxiing to the runway :

The Beverage service on Emirates is always amazing :

Enroute to Mumbai in the Setting Sun :

Dinner :

This was the shortest journey during my association with Emirates. My mother was all praise for Emirates. The Hospitality shown to her was special and as a Gold Member, I always felt welcomed.

This was the last trip in 2013 but 2014 saw me completed 2 trips to the Americas with a trip to Germany in between.

There is more to come in the "Flying Diaries" Series, so keep visiting. God Bless and Take Care!