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The Flying Diaries : BOM - DXB - BOM ( Emirates Business ) ( Nov 2018 )

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2018 Abu Dhabi GP was the last race of the season and I had the opportunity of attending the same. 2013 was the last time I flew to the UAE for F1. It also was my last journey of the Old Terminal of Mumbai International Airport.

The Outbound Journey was on 22nd November 2018 and the Return Journey on 27th November 2018.


Mumbai - Dubai ( Emirates Business ) ( 22nd November 2018 ) :

Packed and ready!

Emirates have revamped their Chauffeur services with the introduction of the BMW 520d Luxury Edition for ferrying its guests to the airport :

Shots of the Lounge :

The View of the Airport..mesmerizing :

The Business Class onboard Boeing 777-300ER, not the upgraded version this time :

The Menu onboard :

Preparing for Takeoff :

Takeoff Video Link :

Lunch, Paneer Makhani and Chocolate Mousse Cake :

The Descent into Dubai :

Touchdown Dubai International Airport :

Landing at Dubai ( Video Link ) :

Another BMW 520d Luxury Edition for pickup at Dubai Airport :

Dubai - Mumbai ( Emirates Business ) ( 27th November 2018 ) :

The Chauffeur Service to the airport :

The Business Class Lounge, Classy as ever :

A lipsmacking spread in the Lounge :

The New Business Class onboard the Boeing 777-200LR. This is a 2 class Boeing which has Business and Economy Class only.

Time for Pushback :

Taxiing to the Runway :

The Onboard Cameras :

Prepare for Takeoff :

Takeoff from Dubai ( Video Link ) :

Bye Bye Dubai, see you next time :

The Dinner Menu :

A spread of small bites in the Boeing 777-200LR

Dinner Service, Paneer Butter Masala, Chocolate and fig Mousse Cake :  

Landing at Mumbai in the evening :

Touchdown in Mumbai ( Video Link ) :

Another BMW to ferry me home :

It was a great experience flying with Emirates in 2018. A Big Thank you for their Hospitality! Looking forward to many more memories and Journeys in 2019!

The Flying Diaries : BOM - LHR - BOM ( Emirates First ) ( June 2017 )

The ICC Champions Trophy was held in the UK in June 2017. I was blessed with the opportunity of attending 3 games. This would be my first experience of watching a cricket match overseas.
The Match Seats were reserved, flights booked and I was off to London Heathrow with Emirates in First Class.

I chose EK029 this time instead of EK 01. This allowed me more time in the Lounge and I was the only passenger in First Class!

The Outbound Flight was on 6th June and the return on 20th June.

Mumbai - London ( 6th June 2017 ) :

The GVK First and Business Class Lounge :

A-La-Carte dining on offer in the First Class Section :

The Buffet Spread :

Kathi Roll and the Molten Chocolate Cake, an absolute delight!

A Warm Welcome to the A380 Suite :

My Seat for the 3 hour flight to Dubai :

The Breakfast Menu :

Taxiing to the Runway :

Taking off from Mumbai ( Video Link ) :

Emirates' In-Flight Entertainment System - ICE i.e. Information, Communication & Entertainment offers a wide array of options for flyers

A Cappuccino will suffice please!

A Beautiful Sunrise beckons on the Horizon!

Flying into Dubai :

Nearing Touchdown into Dubai :

Landing at Dubai International Airport :

Beautiful morning at Dubai International Airport :

A spacious and relatively empty First Class Lounge in Dubai :

An elegant First Class Suite enroute to London. I was the only flyer in First Class!

Goodies Basket, Arabian Coffee and Dates to start the journey with!

Taxiing to the Runway :


Taking off from Dubai bound for Heathrow ( Video Link ) :

The Menu for the journey!

Lunch Service!

A Well Stocked Bar in the First Class Section :

The Emirates Insignia proudly displayed onboard

An Empty First Class :

A Quick tour of the First Class Suite ( Part 1 ) :

A Tour of the First Class Suite ( Part 2 ) :

After a hearty lunch, I decided to head down to the Business Class Lounge.

Some shots of the Lounge Seating Area, offering some stunning views of the sky.

Shots of the Lounge bar :

Business Class seats, 76 in all :

I returned to my seat and my Bed was set! It was time for a siesta before going in for a shower before landing into Heathrow :

Some Shots of the Shower Suite offered onboard, yes a shower at 40,000 feet!

A refreshing shower and we were nearing our destination :

Hovering over London :

Heathrow Airport!

Landing at Heathrow International Airport ( Video Link ) :

Heathrow the busiest airport in the world catering to numerous airlines!

Well hello Emirates!

A Mercedes Benz S500 to ferry me to my friend's home!

Enroute to Stanmore :

London - Mumbai ( 20th June 2017 ) :

The Return pickup too was in an elegant Mercedes S500 :

Driving to Heathrow :

A Brisk Check-in, Fast Track Security Check and Immigration and it was time to unwind in the Lounge :

The Spread :

Some views from the Lounge :

Heathrow is one of the few airports ( other than Dubai ) that offers boarding from the Lounge :

Shots of the First Class Suite :

Making our way to the runway :

Bye Bye London...until next time :

Takeoff from Heathrow International Airport ( Video Link ) :

The Dinner Menu to Dubai :

Mocktail, Nuts and Crisps kick off the Dinner Service!

Hors D'oeuvres, Light Bites and some catching up in the Business Class Lounge onboard A380 :

The Bed set for the Night.

As always, the Flight Steward woke me up an hour before the flight landed to enjoy the Shower Service on-board :

A Tour of the Shower Suite ( Video Link ) :

Descending into Dubai :

Dubai International Airport :

Landing at Dubai International Airport ( Video Link ) :

The First Class Lounge, oozing class as always :

The Boarding was offered from the Lounge and I soon settled into my First Class Suite :

Taxiing to the Runway :

The Final leg of the trip begins :

Takeoff from Dubai bound for Mumbai ( Video Link ) :

The Lunch Menu :

Lunch Service. Quite a good meal :

Nearing Touchdown in Mumbai :


Landing in Mumbai ( Video Link ) :

Once Again, Thank you Emirates for memorable Flights!

The buck doesn't stop here! Trips to Brussels and Cape Town to follow shortly!

The Flying Diaries : BOM - BCN - BOM ( Emirates First ) - Encore!

The "Flying Diaries" return with the trip to Barcelona being the first documented from 2017. The Spanish Grand Prix was held in May and I had the opportunity to fly down and experience the Hospitality of Emirates in the air all over again.

The outbound flight was on 10th May and the Return on 18th May.

Mumbai - Barcelona ( 10th May 2017 ) :

The Stunningly Beautiful Terminal 2, Mumbai :

The First and Business Class Lounge of GVK at Terminal 2. One of the best lounges in the world! A lavish buffet, Complimentary massage services and offering breath taking views of the Planes at Mumbai

I also got the opportunity to meet the Music Maestro A.R. Rahman! Fan Moment!

The First Class Suite to Dubai. Stunning and comfortable as ever!

Arabian Dates and Arabian Coffee for the First Class guests :

Taxiing to the runway :

Takeoff from Mumbai International bound for Dubai ( Video Link ) :

I am not much of a breakfast guy but never shy away from Chocolate Croissants and some Cappuccino!

A Beautiful morning beckons as we fly into Dubai :

Touchdown at Dubai International Airport :

Landing at Dubai International Airport ( Video Link  ) :

The First Class Lounge in Dubai offers boarding from the Lounge itself. There is a separate terminal to cater to Airbus A380s.

A Quick stop in the Lounge and it was time to board the flight for Barcelona!

Goodies galore in the suite. The basket is replenished also.