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The Flying Diaries : BOM - BRU - BOM ( Emirates Business )

The 2nd Race I had the privilege of attending in 2015 was at Spa Francorchamps in Belgium. Spa is a fair distance away from Brussels, the capital of Belgium but closer to the German Town of Aachen & Dutch Town of Maastricht. I had to make a choice and chose Maastricht as my resting place for the First 4 days of my trip.

I flew out of Mumbai on 20th August 2015 bound for Brussels. Maastricht was an hour away from the airport. The return pickup was form the heart of Brussels and on 28th August 2015.

Mumbai - Brussels ( 20th August 2015 ) :

A brisk check-in, not so brisk Security and Immigration check and it was time to relax in the lounge.

Shots from the Lounge :

The Boarding commenced and I received a big surprise. I had been upgraded to First Class due to the Flight being overbooked. I had Bollywood Celebrity Akshay Kumar and I wasn't complaining.

Well, who doesn't enjoy an upgrade! My First Class Suite!

Shots of the Suite from the GoPro Hero4 Black :

The Best Piece of News I received on boarding the flight. Ferrari had retained Raikkonen for 2016! YES!

The Menu onboard :

Taxiing to the runway :

Video Link to the Airbus A380 taking off from Mumbai International Airport :

Breakfast service :

I decided to sleep during the flight and was awakened when the flight was nearing touchdown at Dubai International Airport :

Video Link for the Emirates A380 landing at Dubai International Airport :

A quick transit and it was time to relax in the Business Class Lounge :

Business Class enroute to Brussels :

Taxiing to the Runway :

Spoilt for choice when it comes to food!

Video Link for the 777-300ER takeoff from Dubai :

Up in the air, Brussels beckons!

Live TV on ICE, Emirates' entertainment system :

Kimi Raikkonen sounds so happy about his contract renewal at Ferrari :

Food, food and more food!

Flying over different European Cities :

Nearing touchdown at Brussels :

Video link of the Emirates 777-300ER landing at Brussels :

Mercedes E Class for pickup at Brussels, nicely done!

Enroute to Maastricht, Netherlands. Emirates chauffeur drive are allowed to cross borders.

Brussels - Mumbai ( 28th August 2015 ) :

My Pickup was a Mercedes Minivan again :

Enroute to Brussels International Airport :

The formalities complete, time to enjoy the Hospitality in the Lounge :

Business Class onboard Boeing 777-300ER :

Heading towards the Runway :

Video Link for the Takeoff from Brussels Airport :

Up in the Air :

Flight Path :

Lunch Service onboard :

Time to have a nap :

Video Link for the landing at Dubai Interantional Airport :

Business Class Lounge at Dubai :

The return flight was also a 777-300ER and a red-eye flight.

The Menu Onboard :

Bye bye Dubai :

Video Link of the takeoff :

Breakfast Service :

Touching down at Mumbai Airport on a very rainy morning!

Video link to the touchdown at Mumbai Airport :

It was the first time that I had to travel in the afternoon on a return flight since Emirates only operates one flight to Brussels. I landed at 9 in the morning which was pretty bizarre and personally I would still prefer a night flight for my return.

Nevertheless the service onboard was impeccable. Only one post remains in the Flying Diaries series ( Mumbai - London ) but rapid updates coming your way. The latest being the F1 Season preview.

Watch this space!

The Flying Diaries : BOM - VIE - BOM ( Emirates Business )

I had made a short trip to Dubai at the start of 2015. Plans were already in place for the races to attend in 2015. Austria would be the First Destination.

The Track was situated in Spielberg, a considerable distance from Vienna but closer to a city called Graz. Graz was an hour's drive from Vienna and plans were drawn to fly into Vienna for the race.

The Outbound Flight was on 18th June 2015 and the inbound on 25th June 2015.

Mumbai - Vienna ( 18th June 2015 ) :

Business Class lounge at Mumbai Terminal 2.

My Maiden journey in A380 Business Class. Shots of Business Class :

The Menu for the Mumbai - Dubai leg :

Enjoying ICE ( Information, Communication, Entertainment ) :

Quick Selfies in seat :

Video Link to the Emirates A380 taking off from Mumbai International Airport :

Breakfast time :

Shots of the Business Class Lounge :

A quick nap before landing into Dubai International Airport :

Nearing Touchdown at Dubai :

Video Link to the Emirates Airbus A380 landing at Dubai International Airport :

Dubai International Airport :

A Brisk Security check during transit and I was standing in the Business Class Lounge. I have lost count of the total number of lounges at Dubai!

The spread :

Loads of departures in the morning.

A good rest in the lounge and it was time to board the flight to Vienna. This was a Boeing 777-300ER.

Well Settled in the seat :

Planes, planes and more planes, all around! Codeshare Qantas A380 in the mix as well.