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The Flying Diaries BOM-YYZ-BOM ( Emirates First )

1999 was the last time I visited Toronto, Canada. The Next Race I lined up for 2014 was the Grand Prix at Austin Texas. The Itinerary was drawn up and my mum and I chose to fly to Toronto for a trip to visit my uncle as well as attend the race down south.

My Mum and I had gathered enough miles to upgrade from Business Class to First Class all through.

The Only disadvantage was that upgrades were done in sectors rather than a whole trip which was due to availability opening up at different periods of time. As a result, we had to shed more miles than we would have liked to.

This was also the first time when mum would experience First Class aboard the Airbus A380.

The Outbound Flight was on 22nd October 2014 and the return on 7th November 2014.

Mumbai - Toronto ( 22nd October 2014 ) :

The dropoff at Terminal 2, Mumbai :

A brisk completion of the necessary formalities and it was time to relax in the Lounge :

The Spread at the lounge :

An hour of rest and it was time to board our flight bound for Dubai. The A380 boasts of spacious Private Suites and these never fail to impress :

Mum settling into her Suite :

The Menu for the Flight to Dubai :


We walked to the back of the aircraft, through the Business Class to enjoy the atmosphere in the Lounge, unique to Emirates A380!

In Dubai, First Class Lounge. Feels so different compared to the Business Class one.

Onboard the flight to Toronto, the Private Suite feels so different in the day!

So cozy :) :)

Whats for Lunch, Snacks and Lunch???

Up in the air and the Lunch Service commenced!

We even indulged in some snack time during the 13 hour long flight.

The Lounge in the Business Class :

I always make it a point to have a shower and change an hour before landing. The Emirates Airbus A380 offers a shower spa 40000 feet in the air.

Touchdown in Toronto :

Video Link for landing into Toronto Pearson Airport :

Our Pickup from Toronto Airport, Lincolns!

Enroute to my Uncle's place :

Toronto - Mumbai ( 7th November 2014 ) :

Our Pickup for the Toronto Pearson Airport :

The Lounge at Toronto is pretty ordinary.

Our Private Suites in the Airbus A380 :

Mum in her Private Suite :

The Menu for the return journey :

The fare started with snacks before moving onto a 3 course dinner. Lip-smacking to say the least.

The Bed readied for a quick nap :

Business Class in the A380 with the famous lounge :

Up in the sky, enroute to Dubai in the setting sun.

Dinner Service :

Shots from the Shower Spa, 1 Hour before landing into Dubai :

Nearing touchdown into Dubai :

Video Link for landing into Dubai :

The First Class Lounge at Dubai International Airport :

The First Class Suites for the final leg of the trip :

We loved the experience in our Suites. One Last time..

The Menu for the Flight to Mumbai :

Dinner Service :

Landing into Mumbai, our pickup was waiting to take us back home

The Emirates A380 First Class is still the best in business when it comes to hospitality. One might say that competitors now have a more premium product but Emirates are the pioneers in dreaming, believing and providing such hospitality since a long time.

My mum cherished this experience onboard the First Class Suites of the A380! I cant wait to be back on one of these and I know the time is not far.

This concludes the Flying Diaries posts from 2014. Dubai ( Business ), Vienna ( Business ), Brussels ( Business ) from 2015 coming up..soon..

Watch this space and thanks a ton for your support! God Bless!