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Paddock Club Diaries - Belgian GP 2015 - Day 3

The Big Day had arrived! It was the day of the 2015 Belgian Grand Prix! Saturday was a disaster for Ferrari and Kimi but Sunday was the day that mattered and with renewed hopes I set out early in the morning hoping to catch up on some action before the race!

Enroute to the circuit :

Walking to the circuit from La Source. There are driving experiences available at Spa Francorchamps :

La Source from the Paddock Club :

GP2 grid being readied for the Sprint Race :

Shots of the Ferrari F1 Club with the GoPro Hero4 Black :

1 Minute to Formation Lap :

Video Link to the GP2 Sprint Race Formation Lap :

GP2 Sprint Race Start ( Video Link ) :

GP2 Sprint Race Lap 1 ( Video Link ) :

Shots from the GP2 Sprint Race :

GP2 cars going around Blanchimont and into the Bus Stop Chicane :

Shots of the GoPro!

A Quick Selfie of Sorts with Lewis Hamilton :

Maurizio Arrivabene later joined by Kimi Raikkonen in the Ferrari F1 Club :

Video Link to Arrivabene and Raikkonen Interview. Apologies for the poor sound quality :

Both looking in different directions. EPIC SELFIE FAIL :

Maurizio Arrivabene being gracious as always :

Lunch before the final Pit lane walk of the weekend :

Shots from the Pit Lane Walk :

Trackside photos before the grid fills up!

Photos from the Pit Lane Walk with the GoPro Hero4 Black :

Drivers returning from the Track Parade :

A Moment with Kevin Magnussen. Hope to see him return to the grid.

Grid Girls making it to the Grid :

Some Photos with the GoPro! We all had to pick our places!

Martin Brundle's Grid Walk :

Kimi Raikkonen and other drivers make it to the front of the grid for the national anthem :

Some More Shots of the Grid Preparations :

Ferrari's Race preparations in full swing :

Final Minutes of Preparation :

Kimi Raikkonen had to undergo a gearbox change but due to the numerous penalties around him, his effective grid position was 14th.

The Countdown to the Start of the Formation Lap ( in Minutes ) :

Cars roll out for the Formation Lap :

Blanchimont to the Bus Stop Chicane onto the Start Finish straight. The final leg of the Formation Lap :

Formation Lap Video Link ( GoPro Hero4 Black ) :

Kimi moves into his grid slot :

Hulkenberg suffered a power unit failure and tried to limp to the grid for the start of the race. However his engine gave up the ghost on the grid. As a result, the start had to be abandoned for another Formation Lap

2nd Formation Lap :

2nd Formation Lap Video Link :

Mechanics rolling Hulkenberg from the grid back to the pits ( Video Link ) :

Video Link for the Start of the Belgian Grand Prix ( GoPro Hero4 Black ) :

Video Link for the Start of the Belgian Grand Prix ( Sony HX400V ) :

Video Link for Lap 1 of the Belgian Grand Prix ( Sony HX400V ) :

Video Link for Lap 2 of the Belgian Grand Prix ( Sony HX400V ) :

Shots from the Grand Prix :

Scuderia Ferrari F1 during the race :

Daniel Ricciardo suffers a retirement and brings out the safety car period :

Mechanics moving Ricciardo's car to safety :

Shots after the Race Restart :

Scuderia Ferrari after the Race Restart :

Mark Sutton the famous photographer busy at his work. Daniel Ricciardo returns to the pit wall to monitor progress of his team mate :

Chequered Flag :

Video Link for the Chequered Flag :

Lewis Hamilton took victory from Nico Rosberg and Romain Grosjean. Sebastian Vettel looked set for a 3rd place finish but a tyre blow out just after Eau Rouge on the penultimate lap brought about his retirement. Kimi battled his way to P7. It was nice to see him finish the race after the disaster at Austria.

Cars returning to Parc Ferme ( Video Link ) :

Track Marshalls taking Daniel Ricciardo's stricken car to safety after the race :

Track Invasion. Love Europe for this!

The Podium Finishers ( Video Link ) :

Podium Interviews underway :

Video Link :

Sky Sports F1 Crew :

Post Race Interviews by various drivers :

Track full of Fans!

Some more photos of Fans on Track :

Fans of the Iceman and they weren't less in number :

Its always nice to have a chair next to the track and who doesn't love superheroes and minions for company :

Panaromic Photos :

Mechanics wrapping up to head to Italy :

The Hosts as the Scuderia Ferrari F1 Club :

The gate was open and the fans had track access!

A Selfie with the Shell Logo!

Relaxing at the La Source Hairpin :

Time to put on the Ponchos as the rain beats down!

Final Shots from Trackside :

The heavy traffic and the inability of my transfer service to make it to the circuit for the return pickup on Sunday meant that I had to meet it in a new place in the track vicinity. Radisson Blu in Spa was the meeting point. I was switching cars when I spotted Kimi Raikkonen in the Hotel Lobby and rushed to get a quick photo with him.

Barring the Rain at the end of the weekend and the loss of a podium for Scuderia Ferrari, it was a brilliant 2015 Belgian Grand Prix.

Spa Francorchamps, nestled in the beautiful Ardennes mountains is a must visit for every F1 Fanatic! Breathtaking views!

I was really happy to see Lotus F1 return to the Podium with Romain Grosjean. Refreshed memories of the 2013 Indian Grand Prix.

Edge Global Events were professional in arranging everything for the weekend and making it a memorable one.

The GoPro Hero4 Black with the Smart Remote and the LCD BacPac was a brilliant piece of equipment and I learnt the lesson of removing it from the waterproof case if I wanted good audio from a distance.

The Sony HX400V lived upto its reputation of being a brilliant camera with a mega super zoom! Captured Cars in its frame with relative ease.

Finally a Big Thank you to the Ferrari F1 Club Hosts and More Importantly Scuderia Ferrari F1 for hosting me throughout the weekend and being so gracious!

This might be the last of the Paddock Club Diaries for 2015. The Diaries might return this year, if not 2016 will be better I promise!

Thank you to YOU too for all the support shown to me.

Flying Diaries
have some updates coming! SOON!

God Bless you all!!

Paddock Club Diaries - Belgian GP 2015 - Day 2

Saturday is a very important day on an F1 Weekend.  Teams run Qualifying Simulations and ready themselves for Qualifying for the race on Sunday.

The Day starts early with team pitstop practice and I wanted to be there.

Enroute to the Circuit :

Some Exotic Cars enroute :

Shots from the Saturday Morning Pit Lane Walk :

Shots of the Podium with the GoPro Hero4 Black :

Shots of the Scuderia Ferrari Garage :

Selfie Time in the Garage :

The Pit Lane walk got over and I met Mr. Mattia Binotto, Power Unit Director of Scuderia Ferrari.

The Paddock on Saturday Morning :

View from the Suite :

The GP3 session underway :

Once GP3 got over it was time for the Free Practice 3 session. Red Bull Pit Ball full with personnel :

Shot from FP3 :

Scuderia Ferrari F1 in FP3 :

Lewis Hamilton came to the fore and set the fastest time of the session from team-mate Nico Rosberg & Sebastian Vettel. Kimi Raikkonen was 4th fastest and everything looked perfect going into Qualifying.

Post FP3, it was time for some lunch :

Before the Final Pit Lane walk of the day, the Paddock Club is visited by many drivers. I had the rare privilege of meeting Felipe Massa!!

Shots from the Pit Lane Walk :

GoPro Photos :

Qualifying got underway and as always the slowest 6 cars are eliminated in Q1.

Shots from Q1 :

Scuderia Ferrari F1 in Q1 :

Chequered Flag for Q1 :

Lewis Hamilton was the quickest in Q1. Vettel and Raikkonen were P6 & P7 respectively.

Q2 began and Raikkonen suffered gearbox trouble which brought an end to his qualifying. I was so shattered! A promising weekend down the drain again! As Kimi headed back to the pits, I was invited by Ferrari to be in the garage and watch the rest of the Qualifying.

A Few shots from Q2 :

I returned only after Qualifying got over. Lewis Hamilton was on pole from Nico Rosberg and Valtteri Bottas. A mistake by Vettel dropped him down to 9th. It had been a very poor qualifying session for Ferrari.

Post the session we were joined by Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari F1 Club :

Video Link :

It was also time for the start of the GP2 Feature Race.

The grid being readied :

Shot from the GoPro :

Cars rolling out for the Formation Lap :

Video Link to the Formation Lap Start :

Driving to the Bus Stop Chicane on the Formation Lap :

Lights out and the GP2 Feature Race is a go :

Video Link :

Lap 1 of the GP2 Feature Race ( Video Link ) :

Daniel De Jong suffered a heavy crash in his accident with Pierre Gasly through Blanchimont. The Race ran under the Safety Car for a lengthy period.

Safety Car Periods ( Video Link ) :

The Race underway again :

Video Link :

Shots from the Furthest part of the track :

The GP2 Feature Race was soon followed by the GP3 race. However I didn't stick around for the same.

Returning to my Hotel in Masstricht :

It was a bad Saturday for Scuderia Ferrari as a whole. The poor Qualifying Positions meant a long race on Sunday. But Sunday is what mattered! We were still optimistic. We had to be!

Once again, a Big Thank you to Edge Global Events for ensuring a hassle free process for the weekend.

A Big Thank you to Scuderia Ferrari, The Ferrari F1 Club and its Hosts for the kindness and graciousness shown to me on Saturday specially with the time in the Garage during Qualifying!

A Special Mention of praise about the abilities of the GoPro Hero4 Black with the LCD BacPac & Wifi Remote.

Highly Recommended!

The Sony HX 400V Cybershot Camera was instrumental in helping me get brilliant shots of the cars!

The Sunday Diary coming up..soon!

Paddock Club Diaries - Belgian GP 2015 - Day 1

2015 Belgian Grand Prix was the 2nd race of the season that I had the opportunity of being at. Austria had been brilliant barring the result for Kimi and I was really looking forward to Belgium. Kimi Raikkonen has won here 4 times and I was really hopeful for  a better outing here.

I stayed at the Novotel in Maastricht, Netherlands. Spa Francorchamps was only 45 minutes away by car.

I Start of with the Friday ( Day 1 ) experience in the Ferrari F1 Club.

Enroute to the circuit :

I had to enter the town to pick up my passes and I must admit, it was a beautiful detour!

Shots from Spa, the Town :

Ferrari F1 Club Passes for the weekend :

After the drop off, it was quite a long walk to the Parking Lot. A message to those planning a visit. A Parking Pass is a MUST here. The Walk can be very confusing and its very easy to get lost.

Walking up to the circuit :

I reached the parking lot after a 20 minute walk and hopped into one of the Paddock Club Shuttles to the Paddock Club entry.

The Time for the first pit lane walk was over and I head straight to the Suite.

The view from the Ferrari F1 Club :

Shots of the GoPro Hero4 Black :

I had a quick coffee and a croissant before getting ready for Free Practice 1.

Shots from Free Practice 1 :