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The Driver Merry-Go-Round...Decisions Decisions Decisions!

The European Leg of the 2016 F1 Season came to an end last weekend. The 7 "Fly-Aways" remain.

We are entering into a pivotal part of the season, both on and off the track. A lot of changes happened and are going to happen in the world of F1. 2017 is going to be an intriguing year, be it for the new Regulations, Fatter Tyres and the new owners of F1.

This time of the year is also important for those who still are unawares of their drives next year. There are a lot of things that are going to play a big part in deciding their fate for 2017. So who is certain and who is not for 2017? Are there any new rookies joining the fray?

Time to take a quick peek into the "Driver Markets" World!

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team :

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are locked down for 2017. The Decision is a no-brainer for both the team and the drivers. Who would want to leave the fastest team on the grid! Could 2017 bring some parity? We shall know next year.

Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team :

Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen continue their partnership next year. There was some chatter about Perez getting Kimi's seat for 2017 but Ferrari squashed all rumours by announcing their lineup a lot earlier than usual. Kimi has been a lot closer and beating Vettel in many races. The Iceman's performances drastically improved and letting go of such an asset would be very unwise. Staying with the tried and tested also brings stability in the team, specially for Ferrari who are playing catch-up for sometime now. This pairing has it in them to bring back the years of the "Prancing Horse". I am overjoyed about Kimi's contract renewal. ALL HAIL THE ICEMAN!

Red Bull Racing F1 Team :

Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen have been fantastic in 2016 ( so far ) and the team sees no reason to change its line-up. Max who replaced Kvyat after the Russian GP has been a revelation- winning on his race debut ( youngest driver ), podiums and strong points finishes. True his recent performances and lack of respect for co-drivers leave much to be desired but the youngster's ability cannot be doubted. Ricciardo, the Honey Badger, he is an absolute hit amongst the fans. His demeanour, his character is perfect fit for a team like Red Bull. Performances are never a cause for contention and not persisting with the Australian would be suicidal.

Sahara Force India F1 Team :

Force India improved considerably in the new turbo era and one can say that they are contenders for podium finishes in certain races. Perez bagged his fair share of podiums while Hulkenberg prides in finishing consistently in points. The Latter didn't ruffle many feathers in the paddock but is going about his job in a professional way. He continues with the team. Perez on the other hand was on the lookout for a better drive, a replacement for Kimi was also doing the rounds. Some suggested approach by another works team in Renault. The latest developments suggest that he has re-signed with Force India, probably playing a waiting game before a seat in the top runners opens up in 2018. Wise Decision.

McLaren Honda F1 Team :

Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso, 2 Former Champions drove for McLaren since 2015. McLaren are clearly struggling in their new partnership with Honda. Progress is slow and both drivers have been losing patience with the car. Stoffel Vandoorne, the 2015 GP2 Champion is waiting in the wings and putting him in one of the seats would be a great option for the team. The Path was cleared when Jenson Button announced that he was taking a 'sabbatical' in 2017 and would aid in the development of the 2017 challenger. He would have the option to race in 2018 should Alonso choose to retire. This is quite an interesting decision to be honest. Taking a 'sabbatical' could turn out to be a master stroke, as was the case with Alain Prost who won his 4th Championship with Williams on his return to F1 or it could also turn to retirement should the team find someone capable enough to race in 2018 or even persist with Alonso. What conspires over the course of next year no one knows. I personally think McLaren covered themselves against Williams who were vying for the Brit's signature in 2017. Williams is placed well above McLaren for now but 2017 could turn out to be a great leveller.

Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 Team :

Carlos Sainz Jr. is confirmed for 2017. Max Verstappen moved upto the A Team from the Spanish GP while Daniil Kvyat got demoted. Kvyat struggled since then and his performances in the final 7 races would be pivotal in deciding his fate in F1. Red Bull seem to be diplomatic in its answers about the Toro Rosso lineup for 2017. Pierre Gasly driving in GP2 has gained a fair amount of experience in a F1 car. A drive in F1 is long overdue for the Frenchman. I feel its a matter of when rather than whether and internally it seems that the answer for when will be given well before the season ends. Kvyat's management should be exploring and contacting other teams. The Red Bull program looks done and dusted for him.

Williams F1 Team :

Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa, a strong pairing will not feature together in 2017. Felipe Massa announced his retirement at the Italian GP bringing to an end an unbelievable career in F1. He will be completing 250 Races at the end of the season and who can forget the narrow miss of the Drivers' Championship in 2008! Valtteri Bottas has expressed his desire to stay at Williams for 2017 but the team don't seem to be in a hurry to finalize their lineup. Frankly, there aren't many options and the team should renew his contract. Bottas has a fantastic management handling his career so this shouldn't be an issue.

Button who was tipped to replace Massa according to some tabloids opted for a sabbatical so the second seat is up for grabs. Perez has an outside chance but would not want to jeopardize his chances of switching to Ferrari in 2018. I believe GP2 driver Alex Lynn will get promoted from his Development Driver Status. Lance Stroll, F3 Driver is also in the reckoning. Many tabloids suggest he is ready for the big leap. He has the skills, just hope he has the maturity to race at this level. One cannot write off someone like Kvyat if he opts to leave Red Bull's program but then again, every race result would be important for him.

Haas F1 Team :

Haas F1, the debutants of 2016 have both seats available for 2017. Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutierrez would be keen to renew, the former being more successful for the team. Grosjean left Renault in 2015 with the sole intention of joining Ferrari in a couple of years and his "audition" at Haas has been decent. Gutierrez's return to full time racing has been marred with problems.  Ferrari will have a big say in the decision making and would encourage the team to hire somebody from their Ferrari program - Raffaele Marciello from GP2, Charles LeClerc and Antonio Fuoco from GP3 the contenders. LeClerc for me is the best bet. Persisting with Grosjean would be logical decision. Sadly, Gutierrez might have to return to being a Reserve Driver for Ferrari.

I hope I am proved wrong!

Renault Sport F1 Team :

Jolyon Palmer, the 2014 GP2 Champion and ex-McLaren driver Kevin Magnussen were the challengers representing the Renault Sport F1 Team for 2016. Neither have a contract for 2017. An insider known to me had hinted about Palmer being in the team for only one year and the team would have to be convinced to continue with him for 2017. The decision had been made even before the season began it seems! Magnussen is young and still maturing in F1. The Team needs someone with experience, someone who would help develop their car and help them move up the field. They are a works team, so the onus of being a front runner is big, for whoever they sign. Grosjean is the only one that comes to mind but the Frenchman spent many years in Oxfordshire. To think of a reunion would be downright absurd. The team has next to zero options when it comes to hiring experience. Bottas is available but would he be willing to move down the grid and help the team move up? Illogical. Kvyat could get the drive and maybe Magnussen a contract extension. Esteban Ocon, their reserve driver up until the Belgian GP is also an intriguing case. He has been sponsored by Genii ( former owners of the team ) and is also a part of the unofficial "Mercedes Driver Program". His career path is chosen so his chances seem bleak. Antonio Giovinazzi is one independent driver in GP2 that comes to mind and is extremely talented. Carmen Jorda? Well it would be a proud moment to have women racing in F1.

Renault is a works team and have their work cut out for the upcoming season. Spending money on hiring will not be a challenge but getting a mix of experience and youth will be. One must not forget the learning curve is steep so it won't be smooth sailing. Patience is key.

Sauber F1 Team :

Sauber, a team riddled with financial issues are searching for a potential buyer. A takeover is on the cards and if it does come to fruition, Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Nasr's could be up for the taking. Both are pay drivers and helped the team to stay above board this year. No disrespect to either but I feel they were hired a season too early. There were more mature drivers in the feeder series but the fatter sponsorship got the job done for the duo. The situation today is the same in the feeder series. If the team were to decide on making only one seat available, Ericsson will get the boot ( according to me ). Sergey Sirotkin got a taste of F1 in the past and would be eyeing a promotion. Ferrari will have a say too ( not as much as in Haas' case ) and hiring one of their academy drivers would bring in benefits for the team. It will be an interesting to see who is onboard for 2017. I believe Nasr and Marciello would be in the Blue Overalls for 2017.

Sauber are the slowest team on the grid and its sad to see them struggle like this. The team that had the knack of springing surprises must return to scoring points again. Peter Sauber earned the reputation of hiring quality in F1, a known fact amongst the paddock and the fans. I hope that their financial issues are resolved and the team is back at doing what it does best - bringing the best to F1!

Manor Racing F1 Team :

Manor, cash-strapped and essentially a testing ground for the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team had a brilliant 2015 ( under the old name Marussia ) and an even better 2016 ( so far ). Pascal Wehrlein is a revelation. Rio Haryanto not so much. The Latter too was a pay driver and rushed into the sport earlier than he should have been. His inability to deliver on the sponsorship side sadly saw him lose his seat to Esteban Ocon who immediately warmed up to the task and looks set for delivering strong finishes for the team in 2016. Re-signing both is the way forward. True they have limited resources and funds to live with but their drivers are punching well above their weight. The sky is the limit.

2017 promises to be a challenging year for all the teams. New Regulations might bring more parity. There is still a lot that 2016 has to offer and the next few weeks should clear the air about who ends up where.

Till then, fasten your seat-belts and enjoy the ride!

God Bless!

The Driver Merry-Go-Round... Pivotal Decisions

2015 has been quite a year for F1. The Introduction of new venues, more reliable Engines in the new era of F1 but the most important, entry of youth in the pinnacle of motorsport.

The rookies have impressed in 2015 so far and their abilities have silenced the doubters.

At the Mid point of the season, rumours are rife in the paddock about potential driver lineups for 2016. Not many seats are up for grabs but for some, time to prove their worth is running out.

Who is safe and who is not, time to have a run through.

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 :

The Fastest team in F1 ( Currently ) has steered clear from any paddock chatter by locking down the current lineup of Hamilton and Rosberg with long term contracts. Rumours about drives being available would be the last thing the team would want for themselves as well as for their drivers in their battle to maintain their edge in the current formula.

Scuderia Ferrari F1 :

The Loss of Jules Bianchi has hit both the Team and the F1 Fraternity hard. Sebastian Vettel has a contract. Kimi Raikkonen, as always is in the news about his future in F1. The Finn's contract expires at the end of 2015 and Ferrari has the option of extending it for another year based on the performance this year. 2015 has been a better year for Raikkonen but there is a considerable gap ( 84 points ) to his team-mate which isn't doing his chances any good.

Valtteri Bottas, Williams F1 Driver is being shortlisted as a replacement for Raikkonen and the rumours gathered a lot of steam in the past couple of months. However no formal announcement was made in this regard. Max Verstappen too has emerged as a contender in the past week but for 2017.

Ferrari have emphasized on multiple occasions that Kimi's contract extension / replacement isn't a priority at present. Recent developments suggest that the Maranello outfit will renew Kimi's contract for another year.

Kimi has the speed. In James Allison's words "Kimi is as quick as Seb, only difference is that Kimi has made a couple of mistakes in qualifying to Seb's one." Kimi has also been on the wrong end of reliability in 2 races. Add those results and he would be in contention for 3rd place in the Drivers' Championship.

Raikkonen's decision is the most pivotal in the market and can trigger a lot of movement. Else Status-quo.

Raikkonen has proved his mettle on more than one occasion. He remains Ferrari's Last Champion. Belgium beckons and being the most successful driver there, I am hoping to see the "King of Spa" do well.

Williams Martini F1 :

Williams should be happy with their current lineup of drivers. They have performed exceedingly well since 2014. Massa will continue into 2016. Bottas' future though is questionable. The Finn is young and fast besides being consistent. His performances have caught the attention of Ferrari and seems to be the favourite to sign for them. Bottas has reiterated that no deal with Ferrari is in place and such rumours should stop doing the rounds. Williams on the other hand were instrumental in bringing Bottas into F1 but that shouldn't hamper his chances of moving higher up the grid given the opportunity.

There were some rumours of Nasr stepping up but they were written off when Sauber renewed his contract.

Another rumour that surfaced was that Button was considering a switch to Williams. ( Discussed later ). Alex Lynn, formerly belonging to Red Bull's driver program, signed up with Williams as a development driver. It won't be long before he is ready to step up into F1. So Williams have their hands full.

The Possibility of Bottas to Ferrari looks pretty certain but I feel Ferrari will hold stations for another year.

Red Bull Racing F1 :

Red Bull Racing seems to have their Driver Contracts sorted for next year inspite of talk of a potential offer for Ricciardo. Sometimes the media links every driver with a Ferrari Seat. Red Bull would like to continue with their current crop of Kvyat and Ricciardo considering the position they are in. Losing their Quadruple World Champion Vettel to Ferari didn't do them any good. Red Bull must keep their lineup stable to rebuild and mount a new challenge.

Sahara Force India F1 :

Force India too preserved their lineup of Perez and Hulkenberg for 2015. Both Drivers performed well so far. Perez has been overshadowed by Hulkenberg. Hulkenberg is another candidate for the Ferrari Seat for 2016 but substantial sponsorship backing besides a height disadvantage is hurting his chance of moving higher up the grid. Haas F1, a new team in 2016 with Ferrari Power should consider him as a candidate. If none comes calling, the Hulk will stay at Force India. Perez is best suited to Force India with the abilities he possesses. Perez should continue with Force India as he enjoys a great relationship with the team.

GP2 has some candidates willing to take the big leap but I feel the team must stick with their old guns and build a solid platform for the future.

Lotus F1 :

Grosjean and Maldonado continued into 2015 for Lotus F1. Grosjean should continue in Lotus. I don't see him going elsewhere. Maldonado has been reckless to be frank and its high time for Lotus to open up a seat. Maldonado might have a fat sponsorship with him but his failure to bring him consistent results is costing the team dear. Jolyon Palmer, the reserve driver is the current GP2 Champion and has every right to graduate into F1. This might be the last year for Maldonado according to me. Palmer seems favourite to land a drive in 2016.

Scuderia Toro Rosso :

Toro Rosso, Red Bull's "B" Team recruited 2 rookies in Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz Jr. Verstappen joining F1 at a tender age of 17. Both have performed well so far in the season and Toro Rosso might opt to retain them both, maybe until the time is right to move to the Big League.

It would be very difficult for any driver from the Red Bull Program to grab a seat in 2016. The Best anyone can manage would be to become the 3rd Driver.

Sauber F1 :

Sauber F1 has been instrumental in bringing the best into F1. Many greats began their careers in F1 through Sauber. The Team dismissed any rumours about their drivers fairly quickly by confirming new contracts for Nasr and Ericsson. Marciello, a Ferrari Driver Program graduate, might have to wait another year and prove his mettle in GP2 if he wants a seat with the team, courtesy of Engine Suppliers Ferrari.

McLaren Honda F1 :

new partnership with Honda began in 2015. They hired the services of World Champions Button and Alonso ( Dual WDC ) to assist them in their quest to return to supremacy. However their poor form and reliability has left the duo frustrated. Alonso expressed that he is slowly losing interest in the sport. He is happy to be a part of the challenge being faced but he is slowly losing the excitement he had about the sport. Alonso didn't re-sign with McLaren only to leave prematurely. He will dig deep and bring home the results and McLaren need to keep him interested to stay.

The situation with Button is very different. Button has been with the team for a fair amount of time and quite frankly, lived in the shadow of his team-mates. He has been in the news on many occasions with questions being raised about his abilities. The toughest was last year when McLaren bided their time in renewing his contract. Magnussen, his team-mate from last season, stepped down to 3rd driver and is waiting in the wings hoping to land a drive in 2017. To complicate matters, McLaren's protegee, Stoffel Vandoorne is performing brilliantly in GP2. He must get a drive sooner rather than later. Vandoorne should win the championship this year and failure to absorb him into the F1 team will leave him with few options ( A GP2 champion can't return to the feeder series ).
McLaren has to decide. Soon.

Manor Marussia F1 :

Manor, the buyers of Marussia brought in Roberto Merhi and Will Stevens for the 2015 campaign. Both have brought home satisfactory results. Merhi has been outshone by his team-mate on many occasions. There were rumours of Merhi's seat being up for grabs in 2016 but the bosses at Manor have reiterated that holding onto both for 2016 is the priority. The team wants stability going forward but as is the case with smaller organizations, nothing can be taken for granted. Fabio Leimer, the 2013 GP2 Champion bagged the reserve driver's seat and I won't be surprised to see him challenge for a drive in 2016.

Haas F1 :

is the new kid on the block. It might be early days but there is a lot of buzz surrounding the team's entry into F1 in 2016. Haas has enjoyed a close relationship with Ferrari who will eventually supply them the engines. Ferrari will have a say when it comes to hiring the pilots for 2016 ( for at least one seat ). Estebaan Gutierrez, 3rd Driver at Ferrari currently should return to the starting grid in 2016 with Haas.

must sign someone who is quick and can bring home the results consistently. Their intentions are clear - they want to be a top running team in F1. Nico Hulkenberg will be the perfect candidate for the job. But will the bosses at Haas consider him worthy? Surely they must!

To Summarize, Haas has 2 places, Lotus should have 1. Little movement elsewhere according to me.

F1 is a very funny sport. A lot of things can change overnight. We still have 2 races left in the European Leg of the season. More Rumours are bound to emerge, some totally absurd. Its tough for both the teams and drivers to operate in such a competitive environment, but compete they must. This post might be a bit earlier than it should have been. Nevertheless the silly season has thrown up enough speculations for the F1 Fraternity and Fans to keep them engrossed for months.

Who goes, who stays, only time will tell. Some might already know their fate..some might be in the will all be revealed soon...

The Season isn't over yet. We still have 9 races to go.

Time to put all that aside and prepare for the 2015 Belgian Grand Prix. I shall be at the race supporting Kimi. There will be updates from the Grand Prix once I return.

Have a great week and enjoy the race everyone!

The Driver Merry-Go-Round.... Speculations Galore

2014 is a new chapter in the history of Formula 1.

The Rules have changed, the Designs have changed, the chariots look different, the Turbos have returned and new battlegrounds have been added.

Reliability is paramount this season. The changes have humbled some and brought a resurgence for some.

We are almost nearing the end of the season and the paddock is abuzz with rumours about drives for next season.

How does it all shape up? Lets have a quick peek.

Williams Martini Racing :

Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa are retained for 2015 and its not a surprise considering their performances so far. The Team can now focus on fighting for Constructors' Championship as well as on developing their 2015 contender.

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team :

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton stay in the team for 2015. The Incident in Belgium created a huge stir but I feel both have grown from the incident and learnt many lessons. The 2014 Title is still up for grabs and either one could go home with top honours. Leaving a team dominating the way they are this season would be unthinkable. The Team only needs to ensure that both cars finish races.

Marussia F1 Team :

The Team should retain their current lineup for 2015 and with the possibility of a higher financial influx at the end of the season should aid the survival of the team ( thanks to vital points in Constructors this year ). Chilton and Bianchi are both resourceful, the latter enjoying preference for a seat as the team is a Customer for Ferrari Engines. Staying with the current lineup is the way forward but as is the case with smaller teams, guarantees can never be given.

Sahara Force India F1 Team :

Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez have been performing really well and the sheer talent of the duo should ensure their seats for 2015. Its a shame to see Hulkenberg's inability to move up the grid due to a lack of sponsors and the height disadvantage. A man with his talent definitely deserves a seat in the sharp end of the grid. Daniel Abt from GP2 is waiting in the wings but his decision to also race in Formula E might hamper his chances into F1.

Sauber F1 Team :

Sauber is a team known to spot talent. However the team's existence in F1 itself is at stake due to a lack of funds and dismal performances. Sergey Sirotkin, the rookie might get a Practice Session in Sochi and his chances for 2015 seem bright. Gutierrez and Sutil might lose their seats to Van der Garde and Sirotkin if they can't raise sufficient finances for 2015.

Sutil seems the most likely to go out with Sirotkin taking his seat. Van der Garde is a talent but does he have the same financial backing as Sirotkin? - I don't think so.

Caterham F1 Team :

A Change of Ownership and a management overhaul means there is a lot of uncertainty about the team. The Team has reiterated its intention of staying in F1 and the current line-up of Kobayashi and Ericsson cannot take a 2015 seat for granted. Kobayashi has already lost his seat once this year and Ericsson is definitely not the quickest rookie around. Both Seats would be up for sale according to me and the Highest Bidder will get them. The Contenders are many and for most this might be the ticket into Formula 1.

Lotus F1 Team :

Lotus went backwards in 2014 after 2 years of great success. The Drastic Rule Changes left them struggling at the back of the grid not to mention the exodus of technical personnel and the lack of finances. Maldonado was hired in 2014 to bring PDVSA onboard and some much needed finances. The Car has not yielded the results expected and the team is languishing at the back of the grid. Grosjean will be looking to greener pastures and Maldonado's performances will not help him go elsewhere. For Charles Pic ( the reserve driver ) the possibility of a drive is getting bigger by the day.

Scuderia Toro Rosso :

Red Bull's B Team and the final hurdle before earning a drive in the Big Team. Both Vettel and Ricciardo spent time here and their performances helped them moved into the A Team. Jean-Eric Vergne already lost his seat for 2015 while Daniil Kvyat retains his. Max Verstappen who will be 16 years old next year joins the team for 2015.

Is he too young for F1? Many believe if someone is quick then age shouldn't really be a factor but the lack of experience might prove to be detrimental. Red Bull is the best judge and I am sure they might have seen something in him to be reason enough to award him with a drive. Carlos Sainz Jr. who belongs to the same program and races in a series higher than Verstappen was overlooked and would feel hard done by Red Bull's Decision. I hope he does well and proves the doubters wrong.

Infiniti Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 & McLaren Honda :

6 Drives and uncertainty looms all over in 3 of the top teams in F1. Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen will stay with Red Bull and Ferrari respectively for 2015. The other 4 drives are a classic case of Driver Merry-go-round in F1 with the rumour mills running overtime.

Red Bull Racing will try to hold onto their Quadruple World Champion Sebastien Vettel. He had a tough season so far but his abilities and talent are unquestionable. 

Fernando Alonso and Sebastien Vettel might swap seats as per the latest rumours. Alonso joined Ferrari in 2010 and is yet to win a World Championship with the team. Ferrari has had a forgettable 2014 and the struggles within the Maranello outfit compelled Alonso to explore options. Alonso's departure would also mean the loss of a big sponsor in Santander for Ferrari and the team must look for a worthy replacement for his seat.

The Advent of the Honda Engine for McLaren in 2015 adds more confusion to the mix. Reports suggest that McLaren are trying to sign either Alonso or Vettel or if possible both. Kevin Magnussen is a rookie this year and his performances bode well for him. A product of the McLaren Driver Program, he would be hoping to retain his seat.

Jenson Button faces an uphill task to hold onto his. I feel his stint at McLaren is over and the team wants a change of guard. Honda comes in as a new engine supplier in 2015 and joining the team carries a big risk for a new entrant. The Uncertainty of the performance and reliability could severely backfire on Alonso or Vettel if they choose to go down that path. Alonso had issues with the management at McLaren but those are things of the past. Alonso is more likely a contender for the seat than Vettel as it would be taking a step back for the latter.

According to me, Vettel and Alonso swapping teams seems to be more realistic with Alonso opting to be with Red Bull only for one year; this would help the Spaniard to assess the performance of McLaren in 2015 with the Honda Engine and of the Renault in the Red Bull. He can weigh his options at the end of 2015. McLaren would be stronger in 2016 with Honda addressing engine issues ( if they have any in 2015 ) and if Ferrari produces a resurgence, maybe return to replace a retiring Raikkonen for 2016.

Red Bull would definitely have something in place for him in 2016 but considering his age and the talent pool that Red Bull possesses, Alonso's one year will be the perfect time frame for Red Bull to ready the next Ricciardo or Vettel.

Romain Grosjean could spring a surprise in all this.

Grosjean's Manager Eric Boullier is the Racing Director at McLaren while Ciaron Pilbeam the Chief Race Engineer at Lotus F1 ( in 2013 ) also joined the Woking Outfit this year. Both know how big a talent and how resourceful Romain is. His arrival would be like a breath of fresh air at Woking.

All this points to only one thing - Jenson Button's Career is at stake. Should he lose his seat to any of these, he would either have to hang up his boots or move down the grid and join a smaller team. Lotus F1 seems to be the most viable option.

However McLaren must keep Button and Magnussen for 2014 to maintain stability but the final decision rests with the management.

Personally, I see 4 to 5 drivers not featuring in next year's Driver Line-up. Its a sad story this but with the cut-throat competition, drives are few and far between.

2014, dubbed the "Silly Season" has been one the most exciting in the history of F1. The Possibility of a major reshuffle within the big teams would be an intriguing one. What happens at the end of the season? Only time will tell.

Till then, lets enjoy the remainder of 2014.