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Taming the "GIALLO MIDAS" !!

The Title would confuse many of us! It confused me too when I visited the website of the company offering the "Giallo Midas".

So what is the Giallo Midas?

Its a car which has a cylinder capacity of 5.0 l, houses a V10 Engine, power of 520 HP at 8000 RPM. It does 0-100 km/hr in only 4.3 sec and has a top speed of 315 km/hr !!!

It is the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder!!

Driving the Lamborghini through the streets of Singapore for an hour was surely an awe-inspiring experience!

We all dream of driving a supercar ( at least boys do ). The adrenaline rush, the engine note is simply enthralling, not to mention the heads that turn to see the owner zoom past in his supercar.

Well "Ultimate Drive" is one company that gives you the opportunity to fulfill your childhood dream.

The cars on offer : Ferrari F430 F1 Spider & the more powerful Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

You can choose to drive or be driven ( the former is more appealing for obvious reasons ) by a professional who knows when to push as Singapore is laden with speed cameras. The tour duration varies from a short 15 min drive to the Ultimate Tour which is an hour long!

The requirements to get behind the wheels of one are your original driving licenece and an age of 21 years.

Both cars are beasts and quite easy to drive. The Lamborghini though is more powerful and truly a Raging Bull.

I had booked a drive for the Ferrari ( Called the Rosso Corsa ) . Unfortunately a technical issue prior to my drive compelled me to shift to the Lamborghini.

The sole reason of choosing a Ferrari was because of its long standing association with Formula 1 ( Lamborghini did a stint in F1 too ). Prior to the drive I was told that the Gallardo was a 4 wheel drive and a V10 as against a 2 wheel drive and V8 of the F430. So it was going to be a challenge to hold the reins of this bull.

Minutes into the drive and I realised what my Instructor Daniel meant.. The Upshift into higher gears simply catapulted me forward in the seat. The car though has fantastic grip and loves to be pushed around corners. It had rained throughout the day but the 4 wheel drive and Traction Control ensured that the car stayed planted always.

Singapore isn't as bad as Mumbai when it comes to traffic. However a Marathon was organised near the Marina Bay and I missed the opportunity of driving on a major part of the Formula1 Circuit.

I got a lot of attention too. Heads Turned, Photos were clicked and I had the privilege of waving to the onlookers like a celebrity!

This is the last year for the Singapore Grand Prix as the Marina Bay and so I plan to be at the Grand Prix. Its going to be a busy weekend for Ultimate Drive but I plan to do both cars!!

There are plans of adding another to the existing lineup!!

I simply can't for September to arrive! The experience of putting the PRANCING HORSE & the RAGING BULL through the paces is too good an offer to resist.

For those who would want to know more about the experience, is the Website to visit. Keep up the good work guys!

Some other photos :

My Instructor Daniel, Had a very healthy conversation about Supercars, Formula 1. A Very Pleasant Drive!

The Certificate that makes me a Supercar Driver!



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