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Buttons, Buttons & More Buttons!!


Many of us own cars and love them ( Sometimes more than our girlfriends ).

A Feature Laden Car at the right price is what everyone searches for and one feature that has become standard is the STEERING MOUNTED Control.

Some of us still take a good time to get comfortable with such wheels. How would it feel to have about 30 different controls to tinker with on the Steering wheel while your busy driving??

This is what I am talking about :


This was the Steering on the F2011 Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 Car driven by Fernando Alonso & Felipe Massa!

The sheer complexity of such a wheel is amazing! Being a Formula 1 Driver is no easy task! All that a Formula 1 Driver does in a race is right there on the wheel.

24 drivers have to go through the grind of trying to get the right balance and setting for a race weekend!

The Buttons List is simply Mind-boggling : ( Starting from top left, counterclockwise )

1) REV : Engine Limiter ( First Knob, Top Left )

2) N : Neutral Request

3) DIFF IN : Differential Tuning in corner entry

4) RADIO : Radio PPT

5) MIX : Engine Mixture

6) DRINK : Driver Drink

7) PUMP : Oil Pump

8) RF : DRS Activation

9) MF : Strategy Multifunction ( Big Centre Knob, Hear about this on Pit Radio )

10) 11) 12) : START, BURN, WET : Strategy Selection Switches ( Bottom 3 Toggle Switches )

13)  GRP : Clutch Tuning

14) OK : Radio Confirmation

15) 1/- : Recovery Selection

16) 10/- : Recovery Selection

17 ) TRQ : Engine Torque Map ( Knob to the Right of Central Knob )

18 ) OV : Over Revs

19 ) CHRG : KERS Recharge Level

20) P : Pit Limiter Activation

21) BOOST : KERS Power Release

On the Back, The UPSHIFT, DOWNSHIFT, Clutch.

The Materials Used make the wheel very light and the presence of Carbon Fibre takes the build quality to a different level!


Some more Photos of this handcrafted complex masterpiece :