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The World under Siege - We fight as one!

The World ushered in the New Year with a lot of hope and expectations. 

However the start of 2020 has put the entire world into turmoil after the onset of the Deadly Coronavirus ( also known as Covid 19 ). The virus outbreak began in the city of Wuhan, Hubei province of China in December 2019, spreading at a rapid pace to other regions of the world eventually becoming a Pandemic ( declared by WHO in Mid March ).

The total cases worldwide now stand at 340,000! China has started the road to recovery but Europe has become the new Epicentre of the outbreak with Italy being the worst hit. The country has also seen the maximum number of deaths caused by this pandemic. Other nations like Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands, UK are also hit badly in Europe. The Story in Asia and the Americas is no different with Iran, USA, South Korea seeing cases rise continuously with numerous deaths. There are so many other regions that are hit equally bad, apologies to have not mentioned those..such is the damage done by this virus.

Travel too has come to a complete standstill.

Major Sporting Events have either been cancelled or postponed. F1 and Moto GP too will be running a revised calendar, probably from June, if the situation normalizes by the then.

While the World reels under all this, Healthcare Agencies and Medical Professionals across the World are working relentlessly to combat the virus, build a vaccine, treat patients, many getting infected themselves. Law Enforcement agencies are ensuring that the protocols and directives set by their respective governments are being adhered to. City Councils, Municipal Corporations are carrying out disinfection procedures to maintain cleanliness and arrest the chances of any spread. Many Governments are conducting evacuation missions to bring back their citizens from the countries that are affected. 

The Mission for each nation is to contain the spread of the virus - measures such as social distancing, isolation and quarantines are being put into effect for their citizens. 

My country India has enforced a nationwide lockdown, all of us advised to stay indoors to ensure that the pandemic doesn't hit stage 3, the stage that causes community spread and leads to an exponential rise in cases as seen in the countries worst hit viz. Italy, China, Iran.

I write this blog to encourage one and all. I pray for all those who are affected by this, for their complete recovery and healing, the ones who are on the front lines fighting this adversity.

We are together in this fight, We are one. We will rise victorious from the siege that the World is under. It is our responsibility to ensure that we do our bit in defeating this virus, it is our responsibility to remember the lessons learnt from this - to not abuse, misuse, disrespect the resources gifted to us by our maker.

A Big Big THANK YOU to Doctors, the Nurses, the Medical Teams working tirelessly across the world, THANK YOU to the Law Enforcement agencies, THANK YOU to the providers of Essential Services & Goods, THANK YOU to City Councils, Municipal Corporations and the Governments of the World for chalking out plans to beat this pandemic.

We are indebted to you!

I wish everyone all the best, Take Care, Stay Safe and God Bless you all!