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The Flying Diaries : BOM - BUD - BOM ( Emirates First & Business )

Barcelona had been a great trip. Ferrari achieved a double podium and I couldn't wait to embark on a new journey - to a new track, a new city, a new nation. Budapest, Hungary and the Hungarian GP was the next stop.

I again chose to fly mixed class, i.e. First Class on the Outbound Journey and Business Class on the return journey.

The Flying dates were on the 20th and 29th of July. Emirates operates a solo flight out of Budapest. The afternoon departure meant an early morning arrival into Mumbai, similar to the flight taken to Brussels in 2015.

Mumbai - Budapest ( 20th July 2016 ) :

July is a relatively light in terms of passenger travel from Mumbai and the necessary formalities of check-in, security and immigration were completed in no time. It was time to relax in the First and Business Class Lounge.

Beautiful GVK Lounge hosting First and Business Class Guests :

A Lip-smacking spread. I tend to binge and at such odd hours, makes you really lazy!

The First Class Suite onboard Emirates! Never get tired of this!

An Air India that flies Trans Atlantic Routes :

Breakfast Menu :

Taxiing to the Runway :

Taking off from Mumbai International Airport ( Video Link ) :

I had a catch in the back and the Massage Function on the Seat was utilized heavily. Thankful for such a feature :

A quick nap and it was morning and time to land at Dubai International Airport. The Early Morning Flight really robs you of your sleep :

Landing at Dubai International Airport ( Video Link ) :

Dubai International Airport :

The First Class Lounge in Dubai. Unfortunately no Timeless Spa in this lounge :

A good meal and I was ready for my Flight to Budapest. The First Class onboard the Boeing 777-300 was as per the Old Specification and no Suites here :

Goodies kept separately :

Emirates, Emirates, Emirates everywhere :

Taxiing to the Runway :

Taking off from Dubai Bound for Budapest ( Video Link ) :

Breakfast, Lunch and everything in between. Eat until you land!

Nuts and an Orange Fizz to start it all off :

Lunch Service :

Enroute to Budapest ( Flight Info ) :

Flying over Europe :

Budapest beckons! Nearing Touchdown!

Landing at Budapest ( Video Link  ) :

Budapest Airport, small yet very beautiful!

My S Class awaits its guest. It still is the most comfortable Luxury Sedan!

Enroute to the Hotel

Budapest - Mumbai ( 29th July 2016 ) :

My Pickup, A Mercedes S Class :

Enroute to the Airport, taking in the sights of this beautiful city one last time :

First and Business Class Lounge in Budapest. Decent but nowhere near the level of more frequented European Cities :

Business Class in Boeing 777-300 :

The Pushback begins :

Well this is a First! Onlookers, Photographers busy watching planes and taking photographs of Planes taxiing to the Runway :

Bye Bye Budapest, Take Off ( Video Link ) :

Taking off from Budapest and taking in the sights of this beautiful city one last time :

The Menu for today!

Lunch Service Commences onboard :

Touching down at Dubai International Airport :

Landing at Dubai International Airport ( Video Link ) :

Business Class Lounge in Dubai :

Dinner onboard

Taxiing to the Runway :

Takeoff from Dubai ( Video Link ) :

Bye Bye Dubai, until next time :

Nearing Touchdown :

Landing at Mumbai International Airport in torrential rain, Amazing piloting skills! ( Video Link ) :

Mumbai International Airport on a Rainy Saturday Morning :


It was quite an eventful trip and I would remember this trip for various reasons for a long long time. Emirates left no stone unturned in offering World Class Hospitality onboard their flights. Its high time that they earn 5 Star status as an airline.

A special mention for the pilots of Emirates too who ensure smooth landings and takeoffs in challenging weather conditions

I continue to be a patron!