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The Flying Diaries : BOM - CPT - BOM ( Emirates First & Business )

I have never been to the Continent of Africa. I play a lot of Amateur Cricket in Mumbai and our team participated in a Tournament called "Last Man Stands", the prize being a trip to Cape Town to participate in the World Championships in December 2017. We qualified and were invited to be one of the 32 teams playing the Tournament. 

Thankfully Emirates flies to Cape Town. Tickets were booked, the outbound trip on 8th December 2017 and return on 18th December 2017.

Mumbai - Cape Town ( First Class ) ( 8th December 2017 ) :

Beautiful Architecture in the First and Business Class Lounge at Mumbai International Airport :

Enjoying some of the spread on offer :

The Real Deal :

The First Class Suite for the Flight to Dubai :

The Breakfast Menu :

Arabian Coffee and Arabian Dates, a special feature of the First Class onboard Emirates :

Making our way to the Runway :

Takeoff from Mumbai bound for Dubai ( Video Link ) :

Watching Dunkirk on ICE - Emirates Inflight Entertainment System :

Breakfast time, some fruits and poha, a regional dish from Maharashtra :

Hovering above Dubai :

Landing At Dubai International Airport ( Video Link ) :

I chose to have a quick slumber in the Lounge and it was time to start boarding.

The First Class Suite in the Boeing 777-300ER :

Goodies galore :

A Busy Morning at Dubai International :

Ready for Takeoff!

Adios Dubai!

Takeoff from Dubai bound for Cape Town ( Video Link ) :

Somewhere over North Africa. Stunning views!

Lunch menu enroute to Cape Town :

Lunch is served!

Post Lunch, its time for siesta :

Woke up just before we started our descent into Cape Town :

Touchdown Cape Town!

Landing at Cape Town International Airport ( Video Link ) :

Our Ride to our Hotel in Waterfront :

Enroute to our Hotel :

Cape Town - Mumbai ( Business Class ) ( 18th December 2017 ) :

A VW Minivan to the Airport again :

Enroute to the Airport :

The First and Business Class Lounge in Cape Town :

Quick a nice spread in the Lounge :

My Business Class Seat for the Return Journey :

The Menu :

Taxiing to the Runway :

Bye Bye South Africa :( you were Fantastic!

Leaving Cape Town bound for Dubai ( Video Link ) :

Dinner Service!

We were served breakfast just before landing :

Landing at Dubai International Airport ( Video Link ) :

Business Class Seat for the last leg of the Trip :

The Menu :

Taxiing to the Runway :

Bye Bye Dubai :

Takeoff Bound for Mumbai ( Video Link ) :

Up in the Sky :

Just a Dessert for Lunch :

Nearing Touch down in Mumbai

Back home in Mumbai!

Landing at Mumbai International Airport ( Video Link ) :

I had an amazing time in Cape Town and the Journey was as good as the Destination. Well done Emirates! 

Flying Diaries will return later in the year once the European Season kicks off and God willing I can be a guest at a couple of races.