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The Flying Diaries : BOM - SFO - BOM ( Emirates Business )

My First Trip in 2014 was to San Jose California in the United States of America.

My Best Friend was due to get married on 30th May and it was time to fly on Emirates for the First time in 2014. Emirates Airlines don't fly to San Jose but to San Francisco. 

My Mother accompanied me for this trip and she was really thankful to be flying in Business Class.

The Outbound Trip was on 21st May 2014 and the Inbound on 11th June 2014.

Mumbai - San Francisco ( 21st May 2014 ) :

Mumbai now had a New International Terminal - Terminal 2 or T2 and believe me it is simply stunning to behold. Everything about this Terminal is so good. Brisk Check ins, Seamless Security Checks, Minimal Waiting at the Immigration and State of the art Facilities. This Terminal has it all!

Shots from the Business and First Class Lounges. The Airlines have a shared space for their premium travellers.

The Spread for the Early Morning Hours :

Mum enjoying her coffee :

Settled in the Business Class Seat :

Some shots of the Business Class onboard the Boeing 777-300ER :

Breakfast Service :

I chose to sleep through the rest of the Flight and soon enough we landed in Dubai on a bright and sunny morning :

Shots from the Business Class Lounge at Dubai International Airport :

Soon enough, it was time to board the Flight for the 16 Hour Long Journey.

The Menu for the Journey :

The Business Class seats :

Breakfast :

A Lavish meal and it was time to catch up on some much needed sleep :

A 6 Hour Nap and I sampled the Pad Thai :

The Air Show and Flight Information on-board :

Time for more food! Lunch :

The Lunch service got over and the plane started its descent into San Francisco International Airport. Beautiful country from above.

There was no Fast-Track at San Francisco and after waiting in a long line to complete the formalities, we were on our way to San Jose :

San Francisco - Mumbai ( 11th June 2014 ) :

The Lincoln
waiting for us to take us to the Airport. A very comfortable car but I prefer the cars provided in European transfers :

A 45 minute drive and we reached the airport on time. It was a brisk check-in thanks to some really helpful staff. Security too took minimal time and we had ample time to relax in the Lounge.

Shots from the Lounge :

The Spread in the Lounge, Mouth Watering!!

Our Ride being readied for the Journey to Dubai :

Relaxing in the Lounge :

A Host of Arrivals and Departures :

Like all big airports, Boarding commenced from the Lounge and after a hassle free boarding, we settled into our seats. Emirates was the official sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the Plane was full of livery of the same :

The Menu :

Pushback and Taxiing to the Runway for Takeoff :

Beautiful San Francisco from above :

Relaxing in our Lounge Mode Seats :

Lunch Service commences :

Passing some beautiful mountains enroute to Dubai :

I had my fill and it was time to reset the clocks and get some sleep!

As we advanced through time, we were served a quick bite :

Food never stops being served and we became gluttons by dinner time :

Emirates was running live updates for the opening game of the World Cup :

Descending into Dubai :

Touchdown and shots enroute to the gate :

Welcome to Dubai :

Shots from the Dubai Business Class Lounge :

The Lavish Spread in the Lounge. Food, Food and More Food!!

It was time to board and it was the Boeing 777-300ER again. Just 3 days after our arrival, Emirates introduced the A380 Service to Mumbai for this flight.
The Menu for the Final Leg :

I wanted to enjoy my last meal of the trip : Nuts, Fruits and some Torte!

We returned to Mumbai, our home at 2 am in the morning. Thankfully we caught up on some sleep inflight and didn't feel too fatigued.

I am thoroughly impressed by the Hospitality shown onboard Emirates Airlines. More importantly we were recognized as Gold Members onboard every flight and graciously welcomed by the cabin crew chief. The Air Hostesses and Stewards left no stone unturned in making us feel special and ensured nothing was found wanting throughout the flight.

There are more stories to be added to the Flying Diaries. However its time to update the Gallery of Memories and Paddock Club Diaries from my trip to the 2015 Austrian GP.

Watch this space. Updates coming thick and fast!